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Currently Non Collectible

Currently Non Collectible

You can’t afford to make monthly payments to the IRS.  The IRS has issued a final notice of intent to levy on your account.

  • You must prove to the IRS that you have the ability to pay the IRS including liquidating any assets on the account.
  • The IRS will file tax liens on the account. 
  • Interest and Penalties continue to accrue until the collection expiration date.
  • You must remain in compliance with the filing of all tax returns and insure full payment of all future taxes.


  • Our tax team will determine if the CNC status is best for you.
  • We will place all collection activity on hold including a complete review analysis on your account.
  • If you are unemployed, this status will provide deferred collection relief on your account.
  • We will determine the CSED analysis to determine how long you will remain in the CNC status
  • You will only receive annual notices from the IRS with the balance due on your account.
  • Our tax team will be in continual contact with you every stage of the case.

Call us TODAY!  We will contact the IRS immediately and place collections on hold. We will make sure that you are granted the deferred collection status given that you qualify for one.  If you have older years of tax debt or need temporary deferment, we will make it happen for you.  It is our best advice that you do not incur any additional tax debt with the IRS.  The rules for each state vary within states with no deferment program. If a particular state doesn’t offer the deferment program, we will negotiate the lowest payment plan for you.

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