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Installment Agreement

Installment Agreement

You want an Installment Agreement to pay off your unpaid tax obligation.

  • You must negotiate a payment plan with the IRS that is reasonable for you.
  • The IRS may file a tax lien based on terms of the payment plan.
  • The IRS may request financials on your account in order to set up the payment plan.
  • You must be in compliance and remain in compliance with the filing and paying of your future taxes.


  • Our tax team will place all collections on hold immediately to work on your case.  We will determine the best or the lowest payment plan possible based on your financials.
  • We will contact the IRS for a complete account and file all or any missing tax returns.
  • We will determine if a Partial Payment Plan (PPIA) is best for you over other available resolutions on the account.
  • We will analyze Statute Collection Expiration Date (SCED) to determine the number of payments you will make to the IRS
  • We will attempt to prevent any liens on your account. Most of the time, the IRS has already filed a tax lien for debt over $5,000.00.
  • If you do not qualify for a low payment plan, our tax team will work out the lowest payment plan possible by working with you directly.
  • We will prevent all future collection actions on your account.

If you have received a notice of a balance or collection action on your account, contact us immediately.  If you have any missing tax returns, we recommend filing of the returns immediately.  Please contact us for the filing of your missing tax returns. It is our recommendation that you remain in compliance including making timely Estimated Tax Deposit (ETD) payments.

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