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Payroll Tax Representation

Payroll Tax Representation

In Brief/Overview: A Revenue Officer (RO) came by your house and served you the notice of summons.

  • An RO is a collection officer on behalf of the IRS.
  • An RO’s job is to collect the unpaid tax debt through any means including the seizure of your business and personal assets. 
  • A RO can be assigned to both personal and business account unresolved with the IRS Collections.  A RO is typically assigned to business tax debt mainly payroll tax debt.  Payroll tax debt includes your Form 941: Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Returns and Form 940: Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Return. 
  • Any unresolved business debt over $10,000 with the IRS will be assigned to a RO.
  • The RO has the right to issue a levy if the taxpayer fails to comply with the deadlines or ignore the RO.
  • The RO will also conduct Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRPS) on the unpaid payroll business tax debt.
  • The RO want their cases resolved immediately because your account is just another case in their inventory.
  • The RO secures all the financial data on your account with the demand of monthly payments including the demand to place your house on sale, liquidate your 401K, IRA account and any asset with equity.


  • We will contact the RO immediately on your case to prevent any summons and get extension of any provided deadlines.
  • We will make sure you are in compliance with missing tax returns and filing of timely payroll deposits.
  • We will communicate all the financials on your account including negotiating the sale of any assets such as house, 401K, etc.
  • We will work with the IRS and negotiate a reasonable payment plan for you or your business.
  • Our tax team will be in consistent contact with the RO to prevent any collection action on your case.

If an RO recently came to visit your personal residence or business, Please call us NOW!  Do not waste time.  The RO assigned to your account will immediately file all the Final Notice of Levy.  If there are any missed deadlines, the RO will be issue a levy on your case.  It is our recommendation that you seek professionals like us to help you assist through the process.  Our team of experts knows exactly how to complete a case with an RO. If you are currently not making your estimated tax deposit payments or timely payroll deposits, please get in compliance immediately.

The States mostly have RO’s assigned to sales tax, use tax and withholding tax.  We recommend that you contact us immediately for a relief on your account.

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