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  Learn what are Satisfied Customers are saying. Tax Relief has over 20 years of combined experience in solving our customers tax problems. Whether you owe $10,000 or $100,000 doesn't make a difference to our team of Tax Experts. Big or Small you receive our very best Customer Care.


The IRS sent a notice to my employer...

The IRS sent a notice to my employer to take money out of my wages. They didn’t send me any notice. I was not going to have any money to pay bills or pay rent. I was so scared and stressed. After calling few companies, your company was the best choice. My levy was released within 24 hours as promised. My employer received a fax from the IRS itself to give me all of my money. I feel that I received the best service without being ripped off.

Thank you so much!

Amber M.


I had a collection officer drop by my business and handed me a summons....

I had a collection officer drop by my business and handed me a summons. He said that if I didn’t comply with the summons, my business can close with all the bank levies and levy to all my venders. I was terrified. I fell behind on my taxes while trying to run the business in this horrible economy. The IRS doesn’t care and didn’t understand but your professionals understood. You immediately took care of the summons. I didn’t have to meet that collection officer ever again nor face any collection action as promised by your tax professionals. Today I am on a affordable monthly payment plan paying back my employment taxes. Thank You so much, you guys are awesome!!!

5 Stars indeed!

Fernando J.



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