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Wage Garnishment

Wage Garnishment


Problem/Overview: The IRS has issued a Wage garnishment against your wages.

  • Your employer has received a notice to withhold your wages and send it to the IRS.
  • The wage garnishment is a continuous levy.  Your employer will continue to withhold your wage until your employer receives a release by the IRS.
  • As long as the IRS determines that your income is continuous, the IRS will issue the garnishment.
  • The garnishment will take a substantial portion of paycheck to be sent to the IRS. 
  • Your employer will receive a table from the IRS with instructions to how much send to the IRS. This table is based on one’s marital status, exemptions claimed and pay period cycle. For example, an individual who files Single, weekly pay period with one exemption will only receive $179.81 per pay check,  per table (Form 668-W (ACS), 668- W(C)(DO) and 668W(ICS)).
  • Without a complete paycheck, you will fall behind bills possibly face shut off notices.  You will be financially impaired.


  • Our tax team will contact the IRS immediately for a complete account summary on your account
  • We will work aggressively for a complete release on your garnishment or modify the garnishment to low amount.
  • We will work aggressively to have a release before your next pay check.
  • If additional information is needed to release the levy, our tax team will instruct you step by step the necessary documentation or tax returns to provide for a complete release.
  • Our tax team will prevent future collections on your account until there is a resolution on the account. We will do what is in your best interest.
  • Our tax team has years of experience to know what gets the garnishment released.

It is URGENT that you call us as soon as you are aware of the levy.  Please have all your employer information including your pay check date.  Remember, your employer can’t threaten to fire you or fire you because of the current levy issued by the IRS per IRM (01-01-2006).  If the employer threatens to fire you, the employer can be fined up to $1,000 or jailed up to one year per IRM (01-01-2006)). 

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